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APM develop our artists ' career coming from classical, contemporary and experimental music repertoires using modern and current communications strategies to reach the widest audience possible. The impulse for classical contemporary and experimental music comes thanks to the discovery of the ondes Martenot and its currently main worldwide soloist, Valérie Hartmann Claverie. This particular instrument gave us the will to stand for avant-gardiste music and artists. Coming from popular and electronic music field and making it a strength, we do believe there must be no boundaries in the art of Music. We want to dust off the image of these wonderful areas while keeping the artistic excellence and diversity that make All Play Management. Each of our artist has a specificity in their field. We believe classical and contemporary music have a great future if we do use the right means to show it and make it more accessible for everyone.

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E-mail: marie.hartmann.claverie@gmail.com

Tel: (+33)6 83 47 59 01

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